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2APL (A Practical Agent Programming Language) is an agent programming language designed for implementing multi-agent systems support. This language provides instructions to concepts such as beliefs, goals, events, actions, plans, and (practical) reasoning rules to implement immediately. The reasoning rules allow the program during execution plans generated. 2APL can be used to develop software agents that are both reactive and proactive behavior can generate. A multi-agent system 2APL consists of two components: a file-MAS (MAS stands for Multi-Agent System) and 2APL files in which the agents are specified. In the MAS file is referred to the agents there are, how many of each type and which environments (environments) that may interact.
These environments are implemented in Java. 2APL an agent consists of the following components. 2APL Platform and its Eclipse plug-in editor designed for programming and execution of multi-agent to support programs. The execution of an individual agent 2APL program done by a cyclic sense-reason-act process, also called deliberation process. The execution of a 2APL multi-agent program, the parallel execution of all individual 2APL agent programs. Mehdi Dastani, Jaap Brandsema, Amco Dubel, and John-Jules Meyer. Debugging BDI-based Multi-Agent Programs. In the Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems (Promass 2009), 2009.