Recently, the Dutch introduced payroll user agents. By using the payroll multi user agents relieves the employer of the workers and keep maximum flexibility. Payroll at a client gives legal employer of staff hands and is employed by a payroll service. This rids the company of specialist legal and administrative matters including payment of social security contributions and pensions. An added advantage for an employer is a company that pays employees through a payrolling company, no longer under the collective agreement specific to a particular industry need to fall. This avoids a mandatory company contributions to sector funds, corporate pensions usually only beneficial for older workers and the general obligation to rigid pay scales to handle. In other words, the difference between labor costs for the employer and the net wage for employees is reduced. Use of this software is obvious. A good example of this is to create legal employer payroll. Payrolling for small, large, medium and start-ups can give interesting options, but certainly to self-employed and freelancers who are interested. Self-employed and freelancers can enjoy enterprise payrolling and employee benefits at the same time.

By payrolling should be obtained from a supplier they have never behind an unpaid bill to run (debtor controls the company) or incapacity to worry because there is an insurance. Are potentially enters the employee in the payrolling service organization. This eliminates a VAR no soot more hurdles for freelancers and self-employed. Payrolling is calculated with a cover factor or multiplier. This multiplier, employers and office expenses offset margin. The average margin of a payroll bureau organization fluctuates around 5%. The cover factor is a tool for the strength of the amount to measure against a relative share of the costs. The services on the estate of the companies are so far in Dutch soil is invested. Which companies are more and more worrying is the payrolling landscape has changed, but of course offers opportunities for future business.